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COVID-19 Situation

At the moment, our club is not open for flights in our two seater aircraft due to Covid-19 restrictions. You can still purchase a voucher but please understand that, at this time, we don't know when we can honour it.  It requires lifting of various restrictions by the State Government which does not seem likely until at least late October or November. In addition, due to the long absence from operations during COVID lockdown, we will need to perform various maintenance procedures and catchup of flight currency for our pilots before opening again for Air Experience Flights which may result in additional delay before resumption of normal operations. 

In addition, it is likely that we may not be able to take you in a tightly enclosed glider cockpit if you are not vaccinated without some other evidence of an exemption or clearance from COVID-19 infection.

Please do not attend the club if you have been in a hotspot or area at a time when that area is published as one requiring you to have a COVID test  or been notified that you have possibly been in an area where contact  may have occurred - unless you have had a test and it has been established as being negative and you are not required to isolate. 

All attendees must complete a register of attendance and use the NSW QR-Code registration system which is now available on site. .A  temperature check may be required before being accepted for flying.

You are very Welcome

Situated at Mangrove Mountain on the NSW Central Coast 30 minutes drive from Gosford, the Central Coast Soaring Club (CCSC) provides facilities and training for glider pilots.

The Club is affiliated with the Gliding Federation of Australia and is run as a non-profit organization that is incorporated for the protection of its members.

The CCSC focuses on training of glider pilots at the most affordable cost possible and promoting the sport of gliding, soaring and cross country flying. Launching is by winch, the cheapest method of launching gliders.


The Club draws members from the Sydney suburbs and Central Coast region of NSW. Membership is open to all who have an interest in gliding, learning to fly gliders and aviation in general. 


flying Days


  10:30AM TO 4:30PM



  10:30AM TO 4:30PM


Weekday Flying

  Thursday (Usually)

  or by arrangement

Experience a flight

Come and enjoy an Air Experience Flight

with us. 



You just need to be reasonably fit, healthy and have good reactions.