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Updated: May 24

Decisions of note made at the committee meeting 19/03/2020

Increase in charges.

Launch fee $30. Free glider time increased to 15 mins.

Anyone under 25 to be considered as a student,

Discount of 25% on launch and flight charges for students ie. launch $22.50.

Hourly rate of gliders increased to $60/ hr,

No change to club subs.


Review of requirements to minimise costs during this period of low activity.

PW6 to continue as ground risk only until it is flying, then full flight risks.

Other aircraft not insured until club resumes more activities, this to be reviewed over the next week or two after further discussion.

We are fortunate that our renewal date is 31 March so we can easily adjust our insurance and make significant savings.

PW5 overstress damage. The aircraft is at Lake Keepit for assessment and repair. The estimate for repair is $4500 plus. That does not include the cost for assessment, transport, or further inspection and/or repair of the other wing which did not show visible damage. A decision was made to put the repair on hold until the operational and financial situation of the club is more certain. It is not possible to ascertain how the damage occurred as no overstress activity was reported - though obviously it has occurred.

As CFI, I find this thoroughly disconcerting and highly disappointingly that any pilot who flies our aircraft would perform such activity either on purpose or by accident and not report it, thus endangering the lives of any pilot who subsequently flies the aircraft. Damaging an aircraft can be forgiven. Not reporting it or not confessing to activity which may have overstressed the aircraft can not. If there was any certainty about who had done this, they would not fly at this club again under any circumstances.


The club has just over $15000 cash available at the moment. The major expense coming up is insurance which we will be minimising. So we are OK for now as other expenses will likely be minimal For a while.

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