Flying Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Saturday Evening 22:30 For Sunday

Weather looking not that good but should be flyable.

Busy day coming up. 10 attendees. 4 students. 2 check flights.

We will see how it goes!


Saturday Morning 10:15 update.

Ground school is ON at 2pm. Luke and Todd accepted. Any others welcome if they want to come.

Saturday Morning 08:30 Update

Flying is cancelled. due unsuitable weather.

If 2 or more students RSVP to the new event (Ground School) there will be a ground school discussion at 2pm - 5pm. See the new event. RSVP on tht by 11 am if yiu want to come.

(If interest, we can maybe book for a meal at the Mangrove Memorial Club afterwards)


Friday 17:10 Update

Saturday forecast looking worse.

Low cloud most of the day forecast and some rain, worsening in the afternoon.

Check the flight events table in the morning to see if flying is on. Flying likely to be called off for Saturday. If people want, we can maybe do some ground instruction in the afternoon but you will need to call me up to let me know you want to come for that.

Sunday looking like it may be flyable.



Sufficient crew available for both days.

Weather Saturday looking like it may be showery in the afternoon

Sunday cool and a bit cloudy but looking OK.

Both days, if the weather turns inclement and unsuitable for flying, ground school lectures will be given - aimed at trainees - circuits launches - stalls - spins .... also useful for other members who may be interested who would like a brush up on some of these things.

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