Gloucester Gliding Camp 15 Aug - 23rd Aug

The club will be holding it's annual camp at the Gloucester airstrip during this period.

This is an opportunity for members and pilots from other clubs to experience ridge flying and possibly wave flying. Ab initio instruction is not available at this camp, though new and early learning pilots are welcome to attend. Any training will be with emphasis on safe ridge flying, Those pilots not experienced and competent on aero tow should not expect to fly solo at this camp. THere will be club instructors present at the camp for check flights.

Full COVID precautions wil be required at this camp, as prescibed by the NSW state governement, including social distancing, registration and wearing of PPE when required.

There will be no winch launch flying a Mangrove Mountain during the period 15 August to 26th August.

Motor glider flights at Mangrove Mountain can be booked during this period with times scheduled by arrangement, If you want to fly in the motor glider during this period call 0414 635 047 to arrange a time,

We expect that normal weekend flying and trainig to recommence at Mangrove Mountain on Saturday 29th July.

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