Proposed Training camp at Lake Keepit around 5th October to 15th October (exact dates not set yet).

I will be taking the Dimona to Lake Keepit around that period for its annual inspection due 11th October.

I've spoken to the CFI of LKSC. If there are a few members who would like to be present for flying during that period, we are all most welcome and can use their aircraft (maybe shared with one or two others). I would be available for instructing, as well as an instructor from LKSC on most days.

The intention of this training camp would be for further training in aero tow, thermalling, cross country flying and to get outlanding training and checks done. With the Dimona being available, extensive and thorough outlanding training can be achieved.

This is an ideal time to fly at Lake Keepit. It is not yet too hot for most people and good thermals are usually present. There may be visiting pilots of substantial experience who will be interesting to learn from. Pilots who are solo at Mangrove should be able to convert to aero tow quickly and also convert into single seaters if they stay for a few days. LKSc have two PW5s and an LS7 available. The ex club PW5 purchased by Michael Vince might possibly also be back in the air by then. The PW5 is an early post solo conversion. Conversion into the LS7 may be achieved after a few satisfactory flights in the PW5. If it looks like there may be demand, we may be able to take our Astir. More advanced solo pilots might be able to convert into the Discus 2B, a high performance competition glider.

Not yet solo pilots are also welcome to come and have training in aero tow and thermalling.

If you are interested, please let me know by say 15th September and we can decide when we will be there, make bookings for accommodation and arrangments for aircraft. It would not be necessary to come for a long period if you can't get away for a week.



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