PW6 News Update - C of A Completed

Test flying of our newly purchase PW6 was conducted at Mangrove Mountain on Wednesday 1st July 2020. A great start to the new finacial year.

The PW6 two seat glider VH-GIS purchased from New Zealand by the Central Coast Soaring Club, Mangrove Mountain NSW, has now completed all requirements for certification in Australia and will now be put on line for Air Experience Flights and Glider Pilot Training by the club.

You can see a video of one of the test flight take offs and landings here:

Michael Vince completed the required test flights this afternoon.

The team:

Michael Vince - technical support and documentation,

Rob Moffat - engineering work, maintenance, modifications and inspections,

Graeme Martin procurement and administration.

(Not here Len Diekman - inspections and oversight, and other various helpers).

This has been a very long process with more effort and complexity than we had envisaged. With perseverance, the job is done.

Michael did all the test flying required to verify the Aircraft is up to standard. (It is). Rob and Graeme each had a flight in order to familiarise themselves with the aircraft. It is really nice to fly. Members will find it is much more "slippy" than the aircraft we have been flying and that it performs so much better than our Puchateks. At the same time it is easy to fly - just don't overcontrol it. I'm sure we all look forward to flying it.

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