Saturday 20th Sunday 21st Feb

Updated: 4 days ago

Sunday 21st. Flying cancelled. Weather not looking good. Minimal crew registered for bad conditions.



Weather not looking great. However, on recent past weeks we have missed a couple of quite good days when the forecast was bad but it turned out OK, so there may be a

chance to fly in between showersif they eventuate.

Both days forecast for warm and possibility of a shower or two, a bit worse on Sunday. I will be available if anyone wants to fly and we can scrape up a crew.

Saturday - No winching as we dont't have a crew. Richard M has RSVP'd and I expect we can fy in the Dimona if wanted. Josh D expects to call in during the afternoon to look at the tractor.

Sunday 21st. One more accredited flyer and we can fly on the winch. Very miimal crew, but we can test the new radio comms and if all works OK we can fly with a bit of effort,



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