Thursday 4th, Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th

Thursday: Busy day. Looks like some showers in the morning then clearing.

NOTE: A strip in the centre of the airstrip has been mown. Grass is long outside this strip. You must land in this mown area to avoid grass and weeds from possibly entering into the pitot tube. (We will endeavour to do some more mowing whilst flying is going on if the tractor is available.).

NOTE: New UHF radios. These must be used for all ground control. We purchased 6. Rob has one for testing, The other 5 are now available. (numbered 1 to 5). One in the pie cart, one in each vehicle on the strip for winch retrieve and the two glider retrieve vehicles and one in the winch. Vehicles not to be on active movement areas unless in contact with the winch or piecart on the new radios or VHF. They were used on Sunday and demonstrated the significant increase in efficiency that can be obtained in our operation with their use. USE THEM.

Saturday: Looks reasonable though a bit cloudy, We have a minimum crew, 3 AAEFs at the moment. Flying is ON.

Sunday: No crew as yet, no instructor. Flying on Sunday will be cancelled unless Instructor and crew known by Friday,


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