Weekend 19th-20th December. Flying (or not) and list of jobs to be done.

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

SATURDAY : FLYING CANCELLED. Low cloud, very likely rain most of the day


ALL MEMBERS - please read the Forum notes on Covid and how we are affected.

Below is a summary of what was done last weekend. More painting and work was done by Rob Moffat, Pete Radic and myself on Wednesday.

Still lots to be done. Working bee is on again for Saturday. See below.

Club House

As with last week, there is work to be done in and around the club house. It is progressing well but still plenty to be done. Rob will be attending on Saturday. Bathroom final coat of paint, Doors to be painted. Some skirting boards to be painted. Remove lino. Sand and varnish the foor. (Has been suggested we put a floating floor in)?. Kitchen and bathroom floors to be thouroughly cleaned. Rob is attending to plumbing required for the new basin etc.

Pete Radic cleaned the fridge up so it is like new. Lets keep it that way!.

New lock on the gate now, same combination. The blue entrance railings to be secured to the pole by the gate and rejoined. Also maybe some extra support by a couple of droppers to help hold the railings up. (See me or Rob if not sure what to do).

Signs: Phone number sign to be painted over and replaced as we will be ditching the fixed ine phine shortly.. Will advise new number when we have it. (Also the sign at the end of Bloodtree Rd).


The new windsock has arrived. We are making arrangements to have the pole dismounted and modified so that the windsock can be changed without having to hire expensive equipment to get up to the top of the pole. There will be new suports either side of the pole such that it can be swiveled down on a bearing through the pole. We hope to have that done beforth Christmas break.

To be done: Clear around the base of the windsock to fully expose the concrete base. WD40 on the nuts securing it to the base so they can be removed easily to lift the pole down so it can be worked on. We may need some assistance in getting it down and then putting it up again once the new supports have been constructed.

Hangar: Opening the hangar doors are now modified with locking pins on the two side doors to the posts at the end and locked together in the middle. The hangar needs a very throrough clean. It"s full of dust and dirt. Glider bits and Other Puchatek and pieces at the back need to be cleaned up.

The Kookaburra needs to be cleaned up before it totally disappears in a cover of dust and stuff. It would be good to get it flying (needs a cleanup and a Form 2). Must be done before our anniversary social day on 9 Jan.

Mowing: Still bits to be done.

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