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Upcoming Events

  • Flying Sunday 20th June 2021
    Flying Sunday 20th June 2021
    156 Bloodtree Rd
    20 Jun, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
    156 Bloodtree Rd, 156 Bloodtree Rd, Mangrove Mountain NSW 2250, Australia
  • If you are a visitor / AEF with a prepaid voucher, please put the voucher number after your name   eg:  John Smith, Voucher 001234  when entering your name.  If you do not have a voucher, please indicate you are a visitor eg: John Smith, Visitor

  • Visitors with prepaid vouchers will receive preference for flight allocation.

  • AEFs (Air Experience Flights)  are generally limited to 4 per day (including double flights) unless pre-arranged personally.